360° immersive visual system


In the heart of Kazimierz Jewish district of Krakow, at the HEVRE+1 space, we designed an immersive 360° visual system which may be adjusted to create an atmosphere depending on the mood. It became a

The system is permanent, mapped with 10 items of full HD Optoma GT-1080E projectors, with full resolution of 16000×1080 pixels, fully adjustable giving a lot of possibilities to create unique interior effect, such as digital wallpaper, as well as a platform for digital art projects.

360° Gallery

Ari Dykier | 360 Gallery @Patchlab Festival 2018

Photon Foundation organises 360° Gallery on the system, that presents art projects designed for it during the Patchlab Digital Art Festival or art residences.

For more information check the fundacjaphoton.pl