Europa Train Score multimedia concert


Europa Train Score is a multimedia concert on trumpet, electroacoustic and electronic instruments, wide projections on 15 m screen, spacial sound system, elements of ballet and performance composed by Czesław CzeT Minkus with participation of great artists, including Józef Skrzek – multi-instrumentalist, the legend of Polish progressive rock, the founder of Silesian Blues Band (SBB) and outstanding improvisers, including Marek Chołoniewski, Jan Pilch, Adam Pierończyk, Marcin Oleś, Michał Dymny. The project is inspired by the energy of european railway stations and dynamic of travel by railway.

There was used an innovative conducting system programmed and designed by Popesz Csaba Láng. During the show the composer Czesław CzeT Minkus conducts the band via this special interactive interface based on touch screen controlled by himself.  On the other side the improvising musicians receives the manipulated video scores in real-time on their digital displays.

The project was implemented jointly with the Katowice – City of Gardens Cultural Institution and Krakow Film Music Festival.

Band members:

CzeT Minkus – trumpet, electronic instruments, sampler, conducting, performance
Józef Skrzek – piano, synthesizer, bass guitar
Adam Pierończyk – saxophones
Marek Chołoniewski – live electronic, performance
Michał Dymny – electric guitar
Marcin Oleś – double bass
Jan Pilch – drum instruments
Jakub Rutkowski – electronic drums
Wiktor Krzak – contrabasson, (performance)
Michał Gorczyca – electronic instruments, sampler

Multimedia programming, graphic design, visualisation: Popesz Csaba Láng, Elwira Wojtunik
Paweł Weremiuk – VJ, 3d animations
Piotr Madej – 3d sound realisation
Art Color Ballet + acting – performative group
Hanna Podraza – costumes
Andrzej Czop Czoper – sound realisation

Project produced by TMAC Foundation.

Photos by: / Studio Punkt Widzenia // Michał Jędrzejowski // Maria Husarska // Piotr Wojnarowski