AV performance Underconstructions

Underconstructions is an audiovisual live performance inspired by the underground traffic system, in accordance to its unique way to transit in space and time. Translocation by metro creates specific time and space suspension – every-day experience makes this fact unconsidered as a journey, rather as a quick transfer from point A to point B where the movement is reduced to the reflection only of the aiming destination and the trip itself is a blank space without the visual relation to the landscape.
Format depends on the venue, but preferably is multichannel projection / 3 screens / 4:1.

Camera: Elwira Wojtunik
Performance: Elwira Wojtunik, Popesz Csaba Láng
Music: Unstable Routine /Jędrzej Rusin

Recently performed on Live Cinema Festival in Rome, Italy.
Premiere: March 2012 @ B-Seite Festival // Mannheim, Germany

Interview about the project on Armitage.tv