Augmented Reality projects


_e-lem-enty – AR city game (2021)

On the occasion of the celebration of the centenary of Stanisław Lem, who often used game theory, we have prepared an interactive city game E-LEM-ENTS in the space of the city of Krakow. Illuminated billboards in the area of Krakow’s Old Town became the game board, thanks to which it was possible to experience interstellar adventures!
E-LEM-ENTS is a game that takes you on a virtual interplanetary journey, inspired by the amazing cosmic expeditions of Ijon Tichy – the main character of Stanisław Lem’s Star Diaries novel. The aim is to discover five planets around the city with hidden E-LEM-ENTS in the Augmented Reality animations designed by Ari Dykier. The award was a surprising and one of a kind!
Active points on billboards at the bus/tram stops was available from 1st-15th Oct 2021 in Krakow: Teatr Słowackiego, Stary Kleparz, Plac Inwalidów, Dworzec Główny Wschodni i Zachodni.

The city game E-LEM-ENTS was developed by the Photon Foundation as part of the celebration of the Year of Lem 2021.

Concept: Elwira Wojtunik, Popesz Csaba Láng, Zuraida Buter
Coordination: Popesz Csaba Láng
Animation: Ari Dykier
UX: Keun Kindred
UI: Lena Malecha
Production: Photon Foundation


_SOL.AR.IS (2020)

SOL.AR.IS is an art project inspired by the science-fiction novel entitled „Solaris” written by Stanisław Lem, created in the form of a mobile application using Augmented Reality technology. Read more about the project here.

_Krakow ARtour (2020)

Krakow ARtour. Old Town anew.
AR mobile app

How can Krakow both inspire artists and commemorate them through the city space? Where can the city save its aspirations and dreams or find a place for a new industry? Does everything have to fit together? Can a tenement house emblem inspire greater diversity of the Krakow biotope?
Thanks to the application, equipped with augmented reality (AR) technology, you can find hints and answers to these questions while taking a walk along the multi -layered trail of the 20th century architecture of the Krakow Old Town. Discover amazing stories inspiring us to create a new and sustainable future.
The walk was created in cooperation with the Krakow-based BudCud studio, which specialises in creating diverse, informal spatial environments with plenty of references and culture codes.

If you are in Krakow, download and install the free app Krakow ARtour.
Look at the map, find the active points marked on it, and hit the road to the Krakow Old Town! To activate the point where you are heading, choose the number of the corresponding pin on the map. When you get to the selected location, you will find the desired virtual pin by looking through your phone’s camera. A yellow number will appear on the bottom right corner of the screen. That means you’re in the right place.

For example: you have activated on the map point # 4 and you arrived at św. Jana street from the Main Square. The number 4 appears in the application and the story number 4 is activated: Feniks with many faces. Now point the phone at the facade of the building – an illumination of the story will appear. In the right bottom square, you can choose to read it by clicking on the menu with the desired number.

The free application Krakow AR Tour is available to download from AppStore and GooglePlay.

Get it on Google Play Download on the AppStore

Concept and coordination of the project: Elwira Wojtunik, Popesz Csaba Láng
Substantive study: BudCud
UX: Popesz Csaba Láng
UI: Milena Malecha


_AR exhibition
@Patchlab Festival CONNECTED 2020

During the pandemic in 2020, the 9th edition of Patchlab Digital Art Festival was held virtually. The exhibition of artworks was created using the Augmented Reality PatchlabAR app, that was created and programmed by Popesz Csaba Láng.


_AR-active patchlab festival posters (2019)

Posters, programs and artworks of the 8th Patchlab Festival REALITIES were ARactive. That means that you only need to download and install the free Patchlab AR application on your smartphone and through it discover the digital layer of program cover and posters in Augmented Reality (AR). The application was also useful for discovering artworks in AR during the REALITIES exhibition.